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Expert Electrical Contractor for Mobile Homes in Joshua Tree, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

Struggling with electrical issues in your mobile home? Nelson Day Electrical & Engineering is your trusted electric contractor in Joshua Tree, CA. With over 20 years of hands-on experience, we specialize in everything from wiring upgrades to safety inspections. We know the unique challenges mobile homes present, and we’re ready to tackle them head-on.

ongoing mobile home electrical service

Revitalize Your Mobile Home with Modern Electrical Solutions

If you’re dealing with dated wiring or circuitry, we’ve got you covered. We offer wiring replacement, wiring upgrade, and wiring troubleshooting specifically designed for mobile homes. Our team also excels in new circuit installations and live panel replacements. With our services, you’ll not only fix your immediate problems, but also set your home up for a safer and more efficient future.

Electrify Your Mobile Home Life—Call Us Today!

Make the wise choice for your mobile home’s electrical needs. Choose Nelson Day Electrical & Engineering, the top electric contractor in Joshua Tree, CA. From tackling wiring issues to conducting safety inspections, we do it all. And don’t forget, we offer a $150 estimate that’s applied to your job cost if you hire us. Ready for an upgrade? Call us and let’s get started!